Business Travel on Short Notice

In any travel situation, the further in advance you can plan your trip, the better you will do on all of your accommodations. But in the world of business, it often occurs that you have to get to a destination immediately and the ability to move swiftly is critical to the success of the business goal. The good news is that you can do some preparations well in advance for short notice business trips so you are not caught completely without a plan.

You don’t want to have to flounder around about how to book a flight and where to stay if the business journey looms suddenly and immediately. Short notice business trips seem to be endemic of certain industries and job descriptions so if you know you will go through this drill often, you can make some arrangements far in advance so you have a checklist of just what to do when you find out that you must be at your destination virtually immediately. Wanna more listing? you can find at direktori bisnis Indonesia.

First of all, in a short notice travel situation, economy takes a second priority. Your employer knows that if you have to book full fare on an airline to get to your destination at a specific time, the higher expense is unavoidable. Make sure that your company travel policy has some clauses to put aside travel budget limits in such a scenario.

The part of the trip where you will have the least “wiggle room” will be airline accommodations. Of course, you can use the big internet search tools like Travelocity or Orbitz. In general, those are good places to start to find what airlines do have flights at your specified times. But once you pick an airline, working through the airline’s web site directly will show you the most options they can offer and sometimes provide you with better fares, even on short notice. Be sure you watch the travel details closely so you don’t find yourself enduring long layovers that are going to jeopardize the tight timetable of the business meetings you need to attend. If necessary, spend the money on nonstop flights to assure that the business goal of the trip is top priority.

Do your homework about hotel accommodations well in advance. If there are likely destinations that you could be called upon to go to quickly, you can do your research on the closest hotels to the business site so you cut down on commutes once you are there. By having your target hotels bookmarked and the phone numbers on file, you can quickly call and set up your accommodations in a matter of minutes. But if you find that your best choices for hotels are booked up on the days you will be at your site, call them anyway. A good hotel will call around to other hotels in the area and get you a room as close to your destination as possible. They can save you hours of frustration searching for a replacement room.

Rental cars are usually not as much of a problem. It’s a good idea to call ahead and get a reservation but short of a major convention or sporting event in town, there are so many rental car agencies that you should be able to find a car to rent even if you don’t start your search until you are on the ground at your destination city.

You can make other preparations for the possibility of a short notice business trip like having your toiletries and personal affects you always travel with packed and ready to walk out the door. By having your travel clothes ready to go, you can virtually walk home and walk out in a matter of minutes for a short notice business trip because you are that well prepared.

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Battling Travel Anxiety

The classic anxiety story about travel involves being on the road for a while only to suddenly remember that you forgot to turn off the oven. While that is a domestic story, there is just as much or more anxiety that can go into getting on the road for a business purpose as there is for private travel. The details that must be taken care of to put a business trip on the road can be overwhelming.

It is easy to develop an anxiety complex when going on a business trip and get to where you are in a constant state of stress and worry that you have forgotten something or that there is an important detail that was left undone before you left. This stress anxiety can be destructive to your business goals for the trip. So you need some basic concepts that you can go back to just before the business trips gets underway and as you get on the road so you have some ammunition to combat travel anxiety en route.

* Call in the troops. One big way to stop travel anxiety in its tracks is to utilize your business partners to help you prepare for the trip. It is likely that a number of people in your chain of command or in your department have a vested interest in seeing the trip you are setting out to accomplish is a success. Use their help to plan the trip and to develop detailed check lists of what has to happen before you leave and what has to go with you. Then on the day before you depart, meet with those associates and review those lists. As you check off each thing, insist that your associate initial the list to validate that the detail was taken care of. Then take the list with you. By consulting it often, you can calm yourself that you did take care of all the details along the way.

* Did you forget your head? Ok so you have a good system in to make sure all of your business needs are covered, the next level of anxiety comes when you are sitting on the airplane and you wonder if you packed everything you need for travel personally. There are a couple of antidotes to this type of travel anxiety. First of all, use a similar check list system to assure you have what you need on the flight. You can develop a travel check list that you maintain and update from business trip to business trip. As you use that list each trip, you will discover any missing items or things to do and update the list. And by checking each need off as you take care of it before you travel, you can calm that nervous system of yours that you have done everything so its time to relax.

* What do you really need after all? Second of all, if that check list system has dozens of items and issues on it, much of that can be eliminated by that simple question. The truth is there is very little you really need that you cannot get there if you forgot something at home. You must have your airline tickets, your driver’s license and credit card and any special medication that cannot be found at your destination. If you have plenty of credit, there really is little else you cannot buy at your destination point if you forgot something or other. Comfort yourself that the trip won’t grind to a halt if you forgot something.

* But what if? That question literally can drive you insane. If you let yourself start thinking about whether the plane will crash or if your dog dies while you are away or the hundred of other “what ifs” that might happen, you will turn into a ball of anxiety before the first flight is done. So the answer to “but what if?” is “that has not happened so far and the odds it will happen this time are remote.” Use some logic and adult thinking to combat emotional urge to worry.

The urge to worry is natural in all of us. Its part of your urgent desire to do well on the road. But make one of the things on that check list of things that must happen for this business trip to be a success just one word which is “RELAX”.

The dangers and benefits of Leaf Amethyst

The dangers and benefits of Leaf Amethyst
The dangers and benefits of Leaf Amethyst

Amethyst is not only useful as a tranquilizer plant. Other benefits to be had from Amethyst turned out quite a lot. Some of it is as a remedy a toothache and asthma.

Amethyst (Datura metel L) for this is known as negative effect conferring plant. The flowers are trumpet-shaped plants that is often misused to busting awareness or as a tranquilizer substance because it leaves an amethyst as anesthesia. It is mainly because of this plant contain a crystalline methyl has a relaxing effect on muscles are striated.

Because its like a trumpet plus a negative connotation, American and European Community later referred to it as the devil’s trumpet. Such abuse actually comes from the habit of a community group in India who use Amethyst for anesthetized the sacrificial offering for the gods.

Soothing nature up to now, the Amethyst still considered negative. In fact, the presumption is not too precise because this plant also has positive value. Historically, Chinese community using cold medicine as Amethyst. It could be, the effect of spicy, bitter, and warm this is what makes a flu drug utilized to Amethyst.

In India, the seeds of datura metel the mashed and blended fats being drug out for patients with impotence. In addition, the drugs believed to have been able to increase the sexual staying power. Another benefit of amethyst, in addition to overcoming the flu and impotence, is also good for relieving asthma and toothache.

In science and technology site mentioned that Amethyst contain chemical compounds, alkaloids. It consists of the alkaloid compounds atropine, hiosiamin, and skopolamin are antikholinergik. Amethyst also contains fatty substances, hiosin, calcium oxalate, meteloidina, norhiosiamina, norskopolamina, kuskohigrina, and nicotine.

A herbalist, Dr. Setiawan Dalimartha, explained that the substance useful as a reliever of asthma is hipociamin and the skopolamin besifat antikholinergik. The effect of the substance is very ease asthmatics.

Alkaloids can widen the airway narrowing again due to asthma attacks. Then, skopolamin also has depressant activity for the arrangement of nerve center so often used as a drug antimabuk.

Should be careful to note, the use of datura metel can effect conferring aside. Poisoning can occur. According to Endah Lasmadiwati, expert of medicinal plants from the garden Sringanis Bogor, the use of the Amethyst leaves just kneaded and affixed on the forehead can make people drunk.

That’s why, we have to be very careful in the use of datura metel. At the very least, consult with an herbalist or doctor before using Amethyst potions.

Symptoms of poisoning that usually arise, especially due to substances atropine and skolopamin, are dry mouth, constipation, sensitivity to light, and sore eyes. The granting of antasida are commonly used to resolve the issue.

Amethyst encountered in areas with cool. In some areas, Amethyst was named the kucubung () and kacubung (Madura). Plant types include shrubs Amethyst. Crown flowers are purplish white trumpet is similar.

Amethyst-flowering white considered most toxic compared to other types of which also contain alkaloids. Therefore, its use should be very careful and limited as a remedy.

Benefits Of Guava Leaves, Pick Up Cancer Diarrhea

Benefits Of Guava Leaves
Benefits Of Guava Leaves

Guava leaves have already long been used in ancient medicine to cope with a variety of ailments. The leaves of this plant are rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, astringent and tanin is indeed reputed to have healing effects.

As with any fruit, guava leaves can also be processed into a variety of foods, such as tea brewed or made boiled traditional medicine.

Here are some diseases that can be addressed with guava leaves.

Drinking tea or eating guava leaf extract in capsule form can help us heal diarrhoea. A 2008 study performed on mice in the lab showed guava leaf extract proved indeed contain Antidiarrhoeal. manfaat daun binahong

The researchers found that the leaf extract is capable of delaying the onset of diarrhea, reduce the frequency of bowel movements, and also reduce the severity of diarrhea.

Guava fruit is indeed rich in fiber and have a low glycemic index so it fits is consumed by those who are dieting or made into supplements. But it turns out that guava leaf has almost the same benefits.

The content in the leaves of guava inhibits complex starch is converted to sugar. In our body sugar metabolized by the liver are converted into fat. This is causing weight gain. Well, this process can be inhibited by a substance in the leaves of the guava.

The high fiber content in guava fruit make it friendly for patients of diabetes mellitus because it slows the absorption of sugar in the blood. Meanwhile, the guava leaf extract proved it could prevent diabetes. The tea leaves of the guava has also marketed to help prevent diabetes.

-High cholesterol
The routine of eating guava leaves can help lower the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. According to research by 2010. Eating fruit also has the same efficacy because of the very low fat content.

-Gastric cancer
Guava leaf extract contain antitumor and anticancer activities, e.g. likopen, quercetin and vitamin C will work as antioxidants and neutralize free radicals in the body.

Research shows in 2011, while regular guava leaf extract consumption turned out to be the trigger of gastric cancer cells attacking himself.

-Prostate cancer
Guava leaves rich likopen is excellent in fighting cancers such as cancer of the breast, prostate and oral cancer. Likopen works by inhibiting the production of androgens, the male hormone that can trigger cell growth on some types of prostate cancer.

Without Lifting A Heavy Weight, The Muscles Of The Body Can Still Be Formed

Without Lifting A Heavy Weight, The Muscles Of The Body Can Still Be Formed
Without Lifting A Heavy Weight, The Muscles Of The Body Can Still Be Formed

For people who want to build muscle the body usually exercise lifting weights so his choice. Increasingly want to have huge muscles then the greater the load is also embedded.

The view according to the recent study conducted by researchers from McMaster University seems to be less precise. According to researchers doing sports with heavy loads or light effects that can be given is the same on the muscles.

According to Professor Kinesiology expert Stuart Phillips key paramount is how someone can push the body to the point of ‘ peak ‘ with the stimulation of a given load.

“A sense of weary is the mark of a great penyatara here. Lifting weights up to the point of exhaustion it is not important whether his load it heavy or light, “said Phillips was quoted as saying from McMaster University Press release, Thursday (14/7/2016).

Phillips and his colleague proving it by involving an experiment on two groups of adult men for 12 weeks. The first group were asked to follow a program of lifting weights about 50 percent of his ability while the second group was asked to follow the program of lifting weights about 90 percent of his capabilities. The two as well as lifting weights up to the point of exhaustion.

When the study started blood samples and muscle were taken by investigators to be an indicator of the magnitude of muscle mass participants. After 12 weeks have passed, the same thing was done again for later so comparisons.

The results were reported by two groups of researchers get an increase in muscle mass are equivalent.

Clean the Face Impressed easily, but note 5 This

how to clean face
how to clean face

Clean the face does look easy. Live use cleaners, water use and rinse. But what if all this way or practice wrong? To avoid skin problems such as acne, irritation, dry skin, and oily, consider a few things about cleaning the face here. Because it is possible that some are not yet know. cara merawat wajah


Never directly clean the face with face wash? Try to avoid such way if you wear makeup or spend a lot of time engaging in activities outdoors. If you want to check, you could try wearing a toner afterward, surely there is still dirt and makeup are still attached. It is advisable to practice double cleansing at night so that dirt and makeup lifted first, then continue with a new face wash in the skin that are already clean.


The skin condition of the face instead of getting clean but problematic? It could be because forget hand washing before. This is the crucial thing which could be missed. The deal is part of the body that is most widely used to hold various forms of cell phones, laptops, flight of stairs, to handle the money. Create the large number of germs or bacteria dong attached? So make sure your hands are clean before touching the skin of the face Yes!

3. do not USE the BATH SOAP

Cleanse the face with using SOAP and water is indeed correct. But the gaffe could crack was found on a type of Sanitizer used. Don’t until you clean the face with SOAP bath used for body Yes! Bath SOAP certainly does not cater to the skin of the face, in addition to its pH is not necessarily safe to the skin of the face, SOAP shower can make the surface of the skin becomes more dry and coarse. So, choose a face cleanser that is right and appropriate to the needs of your facial skin Yes. If You have oily skin cleanser recommendations, see here. Breakouts? Cleanser of choice for skin breakouts we sort here.


Actually there is no definite rule how many times have to clean the face, but the clean face in the morning and the evening was already considered highly enough. If too often, face skin can become dry and potential higher irritation arises. The key is to clean your face before going to bed and in the morning. Any exercise routine that you can add to the ritual cleanse face before and after.


Clean your face using a granular scrub with naturally may, but do not overdo it. Do the exfoliation every day let alone can make the skin irritation and redness. It is important to look at the instruction of use in advance to know how frequently these products need to be and shouldn’t be used. While wearing a face scrub, do not rub with intense pressure because of the potentially damaging the surface of the skin. Do with a circular motion slowly like massaging, then rinse with water until clean.

How Tips to Play Clash Of Clans For Beginners Easy for iOS

Who does not know the game online Clash of Clans that today is widely played by smartphone users. This strategy game does have a lot to steal the attention of smartphone owners even many PC users who play this game on their PC using the emulator. Although arguably this game does not have stunning graphics, but there are many people who ketanggihan play this game.

coc hack free gems

Because this game is online, then you can compete with your friends – you or also compete with other people who also play this game. If you are a beginner in this game, do not worry because we will give you some tips on playing Clash of Clans.

Here’s Some Tips to Play Clash Of Clans For Beginners Easy

For those of you who have played this game, of course you know that it is quite complicated to be able to build cities, build troops, attacked the city and also build a clan in an efficient manner and we will give you tips on playing Clash of Clans hack efficient as follows.

Tips on playing Clash of Clans

Keep your gems
Gems can indeed be used for apada only one of which is to accelerate the process (indeed in building and army building takes a long time). But you should not be tempted because you can use it with more useful gems. The point is you have to be patient and do not throw gems with things – things that are not useful.

Any attack that has troops
Maybe you are the type of person who prefers to survive than by attacking but in Clash Of Clans, beset by forces that fits the type to get the resource faster than building a high-level mines and produces gold and elixir waited.

Building a great city defense
We will give you tips on building a great city defenses, namely:
Place the gold and elixir storage building in the most protected place
Use the mortar as a main weapon and placed in the middle
Create canon and around the tower to ward off attacks
Create a wall to protect the wall of each building is not circular to all buildings
Position the defense sernjara remedy as far as possible cover all buildings
The most kuata weapons placed in the city center
Put a relatively less important buildings outside that the attacker takes a long time to get into town

Build alliances with other cities
When you have a city that qualified in other words it has completed the single player levels, rebuild the castle, you can join other players. so you can get a lot of advantages.

Select a city to be attacked
There are several things to note in attacking the city to keep your spending to build up troops was not useless and generate more resources and maximum trophy.
See resource town to be attacked. If only a little, you should skip the city. because once the troops are used to war, you will not get it back except to build more troops.

Side Effects Wearing Braces That You Must Know

Today, with growing age many emerging fixer braces that in fact they are less competent in the field and it is not a good news, because it can actually harm your health even though prices be relatively affordable therefore you need to be vigilant if it is to decide something thing and you also need to know some advantages and disadvantages of what you will do.


The following are the Side Effects Wearing Braces that you must know

It’s hard to be cleaned clean up leftover food stuck in between the wire and briquettes. Of course if this condition is left teeth will become dirty

Because germs and bacteria appear difficult to clean germs and bacteria would be easy to live in the mouth. Germs will be easily tucked in between the stirrup and the rubber, if not diligent use mouthwash in the mouth. Many germs and bacteria living in the mouth, bad breath will arise and so forth. Moreover, the condition of the teeth are difficult to clean because there are braces.

Installing disease transmission in dental technician stirrup unlicensed or illegal official further exacerbate the risk of infectious diseases and so forth. This is due to the tools used is not yet assured of cleanliness especially direct contact with the mouth.

Teeth can be unsteady on the bone that holds the tooth When change following the tightened wire teeth on it then the tooth could be faltering.

Allergies Braces metal containing various metals, including nickel copper, and chromium. About 30 percent of orthodontic patients of all other orthodontic patients have an allergy to these metals that can cause pain and clogged ears.

Can hepatitis or even HIV metal wire that is placed on your teeth often collide and can cause small sores on the lips and the inside of the cheek. when you engage in activities seeeksual like seeeks oral or even kissing even small cuts in your mouth will provide the driveway for a disease that is easily transmitted including hepatitis and HIV or AIDS, enters your bloodstream Patients who do not have allergies before they are put on the wire dental potentially affected by allergies after they wear

Infectious diseases of seeek sual is important for you to note though braces located in the mouth, it has a great risk in disease transmission seeeksual Such an issue may occur if you perform oral seeeks where the presence of braces can cause sores on the lips or other parts and when you’re having to use your mouth kissing missal then you are indirectly providing the driveway to the disease.

In addition to potentially dangerous side effects that is on top, wearing braces can cause that name tartar. This course will be very annoying for you in terms of your teeth look white initially there are stains you do not actually expect.

How to Whiten the Face in 1 Week With Yam Mask

How to whiten the face in 1 week with yam mask – Women Indonesia, generally want a clean and bright whites. It was due to the environment and weather conditions that make it sometimes feels difficult to grasp. The presence of hot tropical climate throughout the year, added more air pollution that makes your skin’s health is threatened.

Yam Mask
Yam Mask

For men, these conditions may not be too worried about, they only clean the face with soap or facial wash. Unlike the case with women who think it is a serious problem, as it relates to their overall appearance. Appearance of course will increase confidence in the presence of friends, superiors or people around him. To whiten the skin, there are actually a variety of ways to whiten the face traditional and fast that you can try. Cara membuat masker bengkoang

However, many women who prefer white or cosmetic injections that contain synthetic chemicals in order to quickly whiten the face. This step is a step that is not wise, because there are many ways to whiten the face naturally fast and secure. One way to whiten the face quickly and securely that you can try is to use a natural face mask of yam.

Before we discuss about how to whiten the face mask in 1 week with yam, helps us to know in advance the benefits and efficacy bengkoang, one for beauty. Benefits and Benefits Bengkoang For Beauty Bengkoang has many benefits for the health of the skin, especially facial skin.

Bengkoang containing phosphorus that are useful to brighten the skin, overcome the dull skin and remove dead skin cells on the skin. In addition, bengkoang also contains vitamin C and fiber that can make the face look whiter glow, as well as the presence of antioxidants that can prevent free radicals that can later be detrimental to the health of our skin. The content of iron, potassium, potassium and calcium in bengkoang bengkoang efficacious for maintaining skin health.

Efficacy bengkoang to brighten the face naturally How to whiten face Within 1 Week Turns out many benefits and efficacy bengkoang for beauty. Not surprisingly, because of the many benefits bengkoang for beauty, many beauty products that use bengkoang as basic materials to whiten and brighten the face.

Instead you buy beauty products made from yam, it is better you try to use a natural face mask of yam. In addition to low cost, bengkoang also easily obtainable. Here are ways to whiten the face in 1 week with bengkoang mask. How to whiten face Within 1 Week With Bengkoang Mask Grated yam until smooth Bengkoang can be used as a natural face mask. How to make a natural face mask of bengkoang easy and simple.

First, peel bengkoang then wash and then grated and squeezed. Juice of yam saved and deposited. Strain the juice bengkoang, separate the sediment and water yam using a clean cloth.

The results of the sediment can be used as a mask as a way to whiten the face naturally, quickly and safely. Quite easy is not how to make a natural face mask of yam? You just spend a little time to mix this natural face mask.

After you create a mask bengkoang, the next step is to apply it on your face. Before using bengkoang mask, wash your face beforehand using soap to clean and remove dirt in the face.

Bengkoang Apply the mask to the whole face, leave on for 40 minutes then rinse with warm water and dry using a clean towel. Use the mask every night before bed.

disease heart failure should not too much taking any supplements

disease heart failure should not too much taking any supplements
disease heart failure should not too much taking any supplements

American Heart Association (AHA) issued a statement that the latest patient disease heart failure should not too much taking any supplements or drugs herba. The reason is because these products when used to excess without supervision even at risk for adverse health.

Dr. Robert l. Page as one of the researchers for the AHA says from unknown data collected more than a third of heart failure patients using herbs supplements, two thirds of the consuming vitamins, and seven of the eight patients wear a drug free (over the counter).

When consulted with a physician beforehand is not necessarily a problem but often patients do not heed. Whereas the combination of using various drugs (polypharmacy) coupled with the condition of the disease can make patients vulnerable natural interactions between chemical compounds that could have resulted in death.

“When patients are consuming at least four types of medications the risk for the occurrence of interactions between the drugs increased to 38%. This number can be increased so the 82% in patients taking the drug seven types or more and is widely performed by heart failure patients, “said Dr. Page as quoted from Reuters on Tuesday (12/7/2016).

“Patients need to understand that just because something is ‘ natural ‘ does not mean always safe. Therefore, patients should always talk to their heart doctor before deciding on taking supplements herbs, “dial Dr. Page.

Published in the journal Circulation, the AHA has released some type of remedy supplements can aggravate the condition of heart disease. The hope can help the doctor reviewed the list of combinations of drugs that are good for the patient.