Academic Pressure Too High, Many School Children Emotional Disorder Naturally

Learning continues without serving play and rests balanced appalling impact on children.

Based on a survey of 420 members in the Academy schools spread throughout the United Kingdom, 48 percent of students admit to hurt yourself, 43 percent of students admitted to experiencing the eating disorder and 20 percent of students doing attempted suicide due to stress too learn.

The survey also reveals if eight of 10 student staff had to deal with students who are having problems mentally and emotionally once a week. In fact, 36 percent of staff are said every day should help students to deal with mental problems.

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers are blaming United Kingdom curriculum system that is too dense and will exam results-oriented. Not just the students who are having high pressure

For teachers and school staff also depressed see students who have the outstanding academic load.

“I’m with the emotional baggage of iba borne by the children,” said staff at the Somerset Elementary school.

Meanwhile, staff at the elementary school Staffordshire says, “the test Pressure in class six is much larger than the class of ten and eleven,.”

As many as 82 percents of teachers also admitted the current United Kingdom student load much heavier than ten years ago.

“Young people now of his life like a treadmill. They spend long hours in front of the computer, the endless schedule, and do not have freedom. It’s no surprise if many who are mentally ill, “said Counselor at Warwick School, United Kingdom.

The Department of Education in the United Kingdom claims to be, has invested funds amounting to 1.4 billion pounds sterling or equivalent to Rp 2 trillion to provide the mental specialist in support of the younger generation who have experienced mental problems such as eating disorders and self-mutilation.

What School Age Son Ambition now?

Doctors, pilots, and an architect were the choice of three most favorite ideas for you the birth of the early 80 ‘s and early 90 ‘s.

You shall not circumvent, though now a fumble career choice away from the ideals of schooling used to be. Indeed, the three aforesaid professions ever were blasted out of your mouth while still in elementary school.

Now, in the midst of technological developments, the world financial fluctuations, and an aggressive invasion of the entertainment world, you’re curious about what the heck the ideals of children of school age in the era of WiFi and YouTube?

Research on the occasions by Nominet ideas expose the respondents who are a group of school students aged 11 to 18 years old.

It turns out that the results were not too surprising, but enough to make you a little dumbfounded.

The reason, school children in the modern era has no ambition to become a doctor or a pilot.

Choice of three most popular profession among children is related to the world of information technology (IT).

Research shows that one-third of the respondents answered the want to be game developers. Then, as many as 13 percent of respondents confessed, had goals as the application developer and website designer.

Then, only 7 percent who dreams of becoming a fashion designer and a musician. As much as 10 percent want to be athletes. 5 per cent more answered wants to be astronauts.

The research also reveals the conservative ideals have enthusiasts. Only 4.3 per cent was dreaming so police, six percent of lawyers, and 6.3 percent to your doctor or nurse.

Interestingly, children who have ideas of success in the tech industry is still dominated by boys. This is because a large number of the respondent’s daughter says that technology is boring (41 percent), too technical (35 percent), severe (28 percent), and too male (16 percent).

Young children aged 11-12 years old (77 percent), better have a keen interest in acquiring professions in the realm of technology. Meanwhile, children aged older, 17-18 (63 percent) are not interested in the field of informatics.

“The future world economic technology is threatened if we recruit only half of the respondents, and failed to motivate girls to explore science in information technology,” explained Russel Haworth, CEO of Nominet, as cited Information Age.

“The collaboration of formal school and extracurricular lessons technology must be run to ignite the spirit of the girls involved with IT,” he added.

Then, the CEO of the Parent Zone, Vicki Shotbolt, say, parents are already contaminated about adverse effects of technology on kids.

“In fact, many ways to overcome this condition. The reason, could not be denied that the technology is the provision for the next generation to pursue in the future, “explained Shotbolt.

Loew: Goetze Need New Environments

Germany’s national team coach, Joachim Loew, argues, Mario Goetze will benefit if leave Bayern Munich this season.

The main options become Goetze at this season. As a result, the 23-year-old player is only able to take note of 21 appearances in all competitions this season.

Opportunity to correct the hours flown Goetze on next season is also quite difficult despite the turn of coach Josep Guardiola to Carlo Ancelotti.

Therefore, the issue of removals Goetze getting toned and Liverpool reportedly interested in bringing former Borussia Dortmund player.

“In General, I argued that a transfer could unleash new energy. A new atmosphere, a new environment and a new motivation, “said Loew.

“Just look how Toni Kroos (moved to Real Madrid). He is a top player in Bavaria, but he takes another leap in Madrid, “he said.

Loew argues, requires a team of Goetze needs its role. He sure is not going to waste the chance Goetze.

“He needed a coach who very want him on the team but that does not mean this as a criticism to Bavaria or Pep Guardiola,” he said.

Extinct Already Varane Dreams appear at the 2016 European Championship

French accept a host of bad news ahead of the 2016 European Championship participation in on 10 June to 10 July. The Real Madrid Defender, Raphael Varane, would absent defending Les Bleus, the nickname of the French national team, in the tournament.

The position of Varane is replaced Defender Adil Rami, Seville. Varane forced hiatus to recover the injuries on his left thigh.

From the results of the diagnosis of the doctor team Real Madrid, Varane takes time for three weeks to restore the injuries.

“Clinical Examinations and a scan on Tuesday (25/5/2016) morning in hospital Rambouillet as well as early diagnosis of the Real Madrid medical staff i.e. injury to the biceps femoris otop level 2.0,” wrote French Football Federation (FFF) in its official statement.

“Given time to recover from long enough and contrary to the deadline of the national team, (coach) Didier Deschamps decided not to retain Varane for Euro 2016. Therefore, the coach made the decision to enter the name of the flax in the list of 23 players, “chimes in the statement.

The absence of decisive blow to be Varane Deschamps. During this time, the 23-year-old player became the lunci defense of France since the World Cup 2014.

Also, Deschamps also previously have lost Mamadou Sakho. The French central defender is undergoing the punishment of suspension after failing a doping test live.

Pioneering Online Business Through Internet Marketing

Lots of popping the businessman who comes from below and from the upper class who have started to use information technology to launch its business in various fields. Not far from the reach of online business, for example, is selling herbal remedies that serve as online shopping where people usually look for drugs in pharmacies, but because of the limitations of the product, hence its alternative is to purchase online products whose quality is the same as the product sold in pharmacy with a relatively cheap price.

Then, how does the online entrepreneurs to market goods such as drugs that people want to look for, then trust the quality and safety, until the product can be sold well? This is the reason why every online business requires a means of internet marketing to promote products that would be sold to the public through online media such as websites, blogs, and there is also a collection of some of the social media as it is already widely used by the public, namely facebook, twitter and many more social media is often used by loyal users of the gadget.

How to Develop Internet Marketing Well

1.Know Technical Marketing Through Website

For those of you who have been plunged into the virtual world, certainly not to be confused with the name of the website. The website is one tool used by netizens to conduct in cyberspace, whether it inspires or propaganda positive thing in the internet world. Now, if you’ve really focus on what you do for your online business initiative, it would not hurt for you to make friends with the name of the website. If it is urgent for the business, a lot of vendors that provide a platform to create static or dynamically generated website.

One vendor that provides a platform to create a website for open source is WordPress. This application is very easy for us who want to pioneer online business by way of making a blog or website and within this wordpress theme that has been provided inline with our purpose is the theme for online sales. Thus, to market the product to be sold, it becomes easier and did not make us to work twice.

2. Preparation Link Site Sell-Buy Online

So, when you have a goal to be targeted, it would not hurt to make your web link pasted on other people’s sites through the lobby of a good process, so that your business becomes smooth. The point of this method is, you make one or two articles were then written on the website of others permission of the approved agreement, and then include a link on your website based on the keywords that you have planned in advance, so that when a person visiting a website that other person and read your article, it can see links that have been mentioned and who knows, the person to “click” on the link and end up visiting your website.

3. Make Social Media Networks

So when it is already making a major website as a forum for sales of your product, then phase that must be done is to create a link to a social media according to your needs. So, you can create a fan page or business page, in some social media such as facebook, twitter, google +, Alexa, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many more social media that can be used to promote your products effectively and efficiently without having to incur operating costs in marketing the product, because it is an online sales.

Additionally, you can use applications such as blackberry messenger gadget, then no ID Line, then there are also WeChat, and many more applications that can be used to broadcast the items we sell.

4. Choosing the Right Keywords

Still dealing with internet marketing, of course, that every customer who is looking for drugs, a website that appears is ours. Therefore, it requires a dominant keywords in the search browser, where the keywords of ordinary people using it. So that our website will automatically be riding his new rank. Such technique is called SEO, the Search Engine Optimization. On average, if you want to use via keyword search techniques to get your ad in the search, then it could be through Jasa Google Adwords

Of the four ways in which we have discussed, you can try it out so that there are developments in the progress of your online business. Because, if you are up for an online business, marketing or internet marketing then becomes the primary material for a weapon so that your products are sought after by many people.

Google win over Oracle, free from the demands of the Rp 126 Trillion

Google wins over a lawsuit by Oracle was about alleged violations of patents and intellectual property. Therefore, the internet giant is freed from the demands of punitive damages of 9.3 billion us dollars or about Rp 126.8 trillion.

The federal jury declared that the Android operating system does not violate patent Oracle. The use of a Java API 37 in the mobile OS is said to be still in the levels of fair use.

The legislation “fair use” itself indeed allow cribbing patent in limited circumstances.

Please read: there are Java on Android, Google’s Threatened Fines of Rp 124 Trillion

In the trial decision, as KompasTekno auto summary from Ars Technica, Friday (27/5/2016), asked the jury, whether the use of the Java APIS law “fair use.”

The jury direct answered “Yes,” which won the Google. The direct answer to ending the trial.

If Oracle WINS, the jury will take the Council into “damage phase” to determine how much Google pays the loss Oracle. However, since Google won, the trial is over.

The magnitude of the demands required by Oracle itself is unknown. However, in the initial report mentioned that Oracle is demanding Google of 9.3 billion us dollars or Rp 126.8 trillion.

“We are grateful for the jury’s verdict,” said Google lawyer Robert Van Nest.

Oracle’s lawyer not to comment anything over this ruling. However, Oracle is planning to appeal.

“We believe that Google developed Android illegally by copying the Java core technology as soon as possible to get into the market of mobile devices. Oracle sues to stop illegal actions of Google, “said Oracle.

Oracle’s own Sue Google because Android is supposed to have violated patent software Java.

The Oracle also became a producer of software and technology, claims to be the copyright owner of the Java program after acquiring Sun Microsystems in January 2010. This Java program can be used for a variety of computer applications, websites, and mobile phone.

4 stop the habit “charge” Smartphone like this

The Smartphone has a myriad of “cleverness” compared to basic mobile phones (feature phone) that are commonly used only for calling and TEXTING.

Thanks to the cleverness, smartphones are more voracious consuming power from the battery. Smartphones at best only last a single day and should be in-charge back. Unlike the basic mobile phone fairly in-charge once a week.

Because of the intensity of the usage and often in-charge battery making the smartphone work harder. For that, the user must precisely in caring for the battery to make it more durable.

Well, here are four bad habits are wont to do, and users must stop in order for mobile phone battery not quickly broken, as summarized KompasTekno from various sources.

1. Stop the habit of sharing power bank

Portable battery devices (power bank) often becomes the Savior the moment the smartphone’s battery “dying”. However, many users are often charging through power bank despite not being the actual emergency and allow using the charger.

Stop the habit of jamming charge smartphones like that. Reasonable in frequency using power bank could make the smartphone battery life decreases.

Unlike charger power bank via electricity, not fully powering a stable and appropriate specifications of the smartphone. Coupled with the many release power bank with low quality.

Other bad habits that need to stop is charge a smartphone using a laptop or PC via data cable. Like power bank, electric current from your computer is not designed for smartphone charging standard.

So from now on, only use power bank and computers if it is really in a pinch.
2. Stop use any charger

Charger device a smartphone and Android tablet has a uniform form so often used interchangeably for all devices.

In fact, each device has a charger with special specifications tailored to the type of the device and the battery capacity. Charger tablet device typically has a greater amperage size.

Charger that does not fit the specifications will slowly reduce performance battery smartphone. So, from now on do not use the charger to charge the batteries of mobile phones tablet. Use the original charger or a standard specification that matches your phone.

3. Stop charge overnight

Extreme conditions are harmful to the health of the smartphone battery. Men-charge keeps the smartphone is already full for a long time is not okay. That is often done is men-charge mobile phones overnight.

Latest Smartphone has indeed equipped with overcharge protection that keeps the batteries charged when the full stop. However, some research mentions the battery could be maintained if the quality is not filled until the full 100 percent, enough to 80-90 percent.

So, it’s worth to stop the habit of jamming charge overnight so that the age of the battery could be longer.
4. Stop time empty

Let the battery empty more no good anymore. If it is often like this, then the resistance of the battery will slowly decrease.

The reason, if the battery is empty, in the State of cell battery will “sleep”. If not quickly awoke, possibly its worst such cells would lose the ability to absorb power from the appliance charging.

The best charging, based on some research, when the battery is below the figure of 40 percent, in the range of 15 to 35 percent.

Stop hoping the battery life could live forever

Humans only live only while the battery, let alone smartphones. In fact, every year the battery endurance would soften. Although the user has to take care of the battery correctly, every battery has aged.

To that end, don’t be sad. Bersedialah bought a new battery for the sake of the health of the smartphone. Tips that have been presented are only able to lengthen battery life, not make it timeless.

Indeed, many current Smartphones that do not give the user the option to replace the batteries easily. For that, please contact your nearest service center or technician.

A Healthy Lifestyle Is Proven To Prevent Cancer

Follow a healthy lifestyle, which includes maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly and refraining from smoking, can prevent cancer.

In fact, healthy lifestyle choices can potentially prevent a 20 to 40 percent of cases of cancer and trim half cancer deaths, according to the latest study.

The study, published May 19 in the journal JAMA Oncology, provide strong support that most cases of cancer, caused by environmental factors and can be prevented with lifestyle modification, said the authors of the study, namely Dr. Mingyang Song, a researcher of epidemiology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Dr. Edward Giovannucci, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

In the study, Song and Giovannucci see data over two decades owned 136,000 people listed in the Study Nurses Health or Health Professionals Follow-up Study.

All participants are routinely responding to a survey about their lifestyle, and the researchers split the participants into two groups: group a low risk of cancer (which follow a healthy way of life), and groups that are at high risk of cancer (not following a healthy lifestyle).

The researchers define a healthy lifestyle as: never or no longer smoke, never drink alcohol or drinking a little alcohol (one glass a day or less for women and two glasses a day or less for men).

The researchers also determined the meaning of healthy BMI between 18.5 and passing 27.5, and exercising on a regular basis (at least 150 minutes of exercise per week or 75 minutes of big sports per week).

The researchers found that women in the high-risk group, 25 percent more likely to get cancer and 48 percent more likely to die of cancer during the study period than women in the low-risk group.

Men at high-risk groups, 33 percent more likely to get cancer and 44 percent more likely to die of cancer than men in low-risk groups.

Researchers are listed, that all the people in this study were professionals in the health field and as such, the respondents rated more health conscious than the general population.

If the results of the research were applied to the general population, then it is considered a healthy lifestyle can prevent the occurrence of cases of cancer between 40 and 70 percent.

In this study, they only involve a man and a white woman. The result may not be the same for other ethnicities. However, a healthy lifestyle that is done in this research has been shown to lower the risk of cancer in various ethnic groups.

Always Tired? This Could Be The Problem!

Plural found people who feel tired after working all day. The amount of sleepless, Marathon meetings at the Office, the report of the work to be completed that day, congestion, all of which can make the body feels tired. However, in addition to the problems experienced by every day, there are a number of other factors cause a sense of tired of interminable.

The reason most encountered when feeling tired is because daily habits. Ranging from food consumed daily, sleep deprivation, and rarely work out. Consuming sugary foods as an example, it will only make you feel tired because of the levels of glucose in the blood fluctuate rapidly.

Even better, live a healthy balanced diet. According to j. Fred Ralston Jr., MD, former President of the American College of Physicians, “most people feel too tired when they are eating a healthy balanced diet.”

The amount of sleep that has not been fulfilled should not ‘ bothered ‘ by the consumption of caffeine and alcoholic beverages before bedtime. And when Your chaotic schedule of the sports team, it is time for the back workout routine.

Exercise doesn’t make you tired, on the contrary, adds energy. Research shows people who back workout, a sense of tired is reduced compared to just sit quietly alone.

Indeed, it is not always easy to establish the problems of the body feels tired or lack of energy. When addressing the factors previously mentioned doesn’t make a sense of weary reduced, there are other things to look out for.

Problems with the thyroid gland. If fatigue is experienced more likely due to weak or lethargic, it could be Your thyroid gland that is going through the problem. The thyroid gland is too active or inactive will effect on energy levels in your body.

Do blood tests will help indicate when a problem occurs on Your thyroid gland. If the problem does exist in the thyroid gland, doctors may soon give responses.

Anemia. “It became the most frequently encountered causes of fatigue and very quickly checked with a simple blood test,” said Sandra Fryhofer, MD, of Emory University. Anemia can be overcome by eating a diet rich in iron, meat and vegetable green leaves. Consumption of supplements can be given when experiencing chronic iron deficiency.

Experience sleep apnea. Often feel tired and sleepy in the daytime, it could refer to the possibility of sleeping disorders. If You snore, it’s good to do a test bed to find out the possibility of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a stop of breath that occurs during sleep.

Because sleep apnea this can interfere with the body when you’re not noticing it. The doctor may recommend the use of the C-PAP sleep so that you become more soundly. C-PAP or continuous positive airway pressure is a tool used to help people with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) to breathe easier during sleep.

Disorders of the heart. If a sense of weary coupled with shortness of breath, need to be vigilant with Your heart health. Odds are, it could be because there is a disruption of the heart, such as cardiomyopathy, a disease that causes the overgrowth of the heart muscle.

Responses can be from diet changes to surgery to remove tissue or plant a pacemaker.

Depression. A sense of tired followed by grief nor lost appetite, plus couldn’t find pleasure from things that typically favored, you have the possibility of experiencing depression.

This problem never left. Soon seek help from your doctor or therapist for back your feeling better.

Photo session With President Obama Dibanderol 25 Dollar

The figure of the President of the United States Barack Obama is seen standing at the end of the table it works. Wearing a dark blue suit, white shirt, and blue tie, he smiled while folding the hand.

Behind the President, there are U.S. flags mounted on the side of the window with a view of the trees on the lawn of the White House.

Obama, standing alongside a woman who was preoccupied with a telephone that continues to ring on the table.

“Uh, this is how the hell?” says the woman while holding down the receiver and asked an another woman across the table.

The woman was not much answer. He only directs the women next to Obama with hand signals. And then a moment later, he photographed the togetherness.

Of course, this incident is not there in Washington DC. A work desk, a U.S. flag, a window with a view of the garden at the White House, and included the figure of the President, everything is just a clone.

The picture of Obama it is a statue of wax which became one of the collections in the museum Madame Tussauds in Sydney, Australia.

The difference with other figures collection, visitors can only take a picture of Obama from behind the rope perimeter. If you want to have a closer photo, visitors must use the services of a photographer who was there.

Indeed, usually in every museum Madame Tussauds, there are one or two figures that are commercialized. If, in Hong Kong actor Jacky Chan action figures that “sold,” then in Sydney the Obama figure “dilego”.

The results of the photo later can be redeemed at an outlet before the exit.

At a price of 25 dollars (AUD) or roughly Rp 250,000 visitors obtain two pieces of a photo with Obama in two styles. Do not forget there are a link and password to download the softcopy of the photos above.

If you want to make it into a refrigerator magnet or Keychain, tourists only add costs 5 dollars (AUD) again.
The famous Madame Tussauds museums around the world. The Museum of Sydney is one of the top 20 the same museum that is scattered in different cities.

In it, a collection of sculptures featuring the popular figures from various circles, started a statesman, the Royal family, athletes, musicians, and movie stars on display.

Similarly in Sydney. About 80 sculptures crowded the museum area is situated on the corner of Darling Harbour. The layout of the museum is adjacent to the giant aquarium Sea Life, and Wild Life Sydney Zoo.

School holiday season like last week, visitors look crowded. Practically, there are no other things that are done in these places, in addition to posing and stylish to take pictures together that Idol figures.

That way, when it’s not unlikely that the statues became disabled or even damaged.

“Usually the damaged parts of the face and hair. It’s very sensitive because the face of the right is made of wax, “said Jolie one of the employees who are some hair sculpture at merapi.

To KompasTravel, Jolie says, the statues were very strong indeed because his whole body was made of fiberglass, except the head.

“Want to be embraced as baseball did nothing, not grasp the face and head,” said Jolie while welcoming toned Ned Kelly to totter.

Ned is the legendary villain in Australia, which is considered as a hero by the citizens. Si Pitung was probably similar on the ground.

“But if there are broken, here are 10-12 artists who are in charge of repairing the statues. So his image we unplug it first, then there was the workshop at the back, to improve, “said Jolie.

10-12 artists working at Madame Tussauds Sydney is responsible for the care of the whole sculpture, both for the face or clothing worn.

“There are suites for the repair of the statue of wax. There is also an individual caring for garments that are worn. This periodically cleaned and cared for, “said the woman.

With as much detail as it is, it’s no wonder if Nicole Kidman face wrapped in glowing red dresses and long flowing hair looks alive. He seemed to welcome guests in front of the entrance